Titlesort icon Authors Publication Date
Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) Surveys. Appendix K to Limiting Factors Analysis Sonoma Ecology Center; Sustainable Land Stewardship Institute 2004
Biological and Physical/Habitat Assessment of Selected Sites within the Sonoma Creek Watershed Sustainable Land Stewardship Institute; Sonoma Ecology Center 2003
Calculation of Sediment Loads, HY 2003 through 2005, Sonoma Creek Watershed, California. Appendix D to Sediment Source Analysis Rebecca Lawton; Victor Flores; Wendy Clifton 2006
Fish Passage Barrier Assessment in Sonoma Creek Watershed. Final Report Chris Katopothis; Lisa Micheli; Michelle Orme; Cynthia Rossi; Ryan Branciforte 2005
Geomorphic Changes In The Lower Reaches Of Carriger Creek, Sonoma County Laurel Collins; Donna Morton; Paul Amato 2002
Habitat Survey Results. Appendix F to Limiting Factors Analysis Sonoma Ecology Center 2004
Historical Creek Channels, Sonoma Valley Arthur Dawson 2008
Historical Distribution and Current Status of Steelhead/Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Streams of the San Francisco Estu Leidy, R.A.; G.S. Becker; B.N. Harvey 2005
Pool Filling by Fine Sediment. Appendix H to Limiting Factors Analysis Elisabeth Micheli; Stillwater Sciences; Clifford Riebe 2004
Precipitation, Stream Flow, and Summer Low-Flow Conditions. Appendix C to Limiting Factors Analysis Chris Katopothis; Rebecca Lawton; David Leland; Elisabeth Micheli; Michelle Orme; Clifford Riebe; Cynthia Rossi 2006
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