Sonoma Watershed Knowledge Highlights

This index is intended to highlight important works by Sonoma Ecology Center and others that contribute significantly to our understanding of the watershed we steward. Many smaller datasets, reports, and maps are contained or synthesized in these reports.

A Day on Sonoma Creek (1997)<
A formal seminar on characteristics of Sonoma Creek presented to the public as part of a Creek celebration. Marks the beginning of Sonoma Ecology Center's ongoing effort to assemble knowledge and raise awareness about Sonoma Creek and its watershed.

Analysis of Sonoma Creek Stream Gaging Data, 1955-1981<
A study to analyze and describe the nature of water flow in Sonoma Creek. This work represents an important baseline for comparison of data collected at the stream gage into the future, and a way to understand the changes the watershed is undergoing as humans change the landscape and the climate.

The Sonoma Valley Corridor Project<
A unique opportunity existed to create an effective wildlife habitat linkage that spans the valley between the Mayacamas and Sonoma mountain ranges. Maps and studies in wildlife use of habitat corridors in Sonoma Valley led to efforts to acquire and protect lands with connectivity in mind.

Sonoma Creek Watershed Limiting Factors Analysis<
Evaluates the influence of physical factors, including sediment transport processes, on three aquatic species of concern, with an emphasis on steelhead trout, and assess which factors are most likely limiting the success and size of sensitive aquatic species populations during the freshwater portion of their life cycle.

Sediment Source Analysis, Sonoma Creek Watershed, California<
Identifies sediment sources, rates of erosion, and rates of sediment delivery to waterways. Part of the Sonoma Creek Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) water quality program for sediment, pathogens, and nutrients.

Synopsis of changes in geomorphology, hydrology, fisheries and related topics for the Sonoma Valley Watershed c. 1823 - 2004<
Synthesis of existing information about environmental changes in the Sonoma Valley watershed over the last two hundred years, using multiple historical information sources, including the Sonoma Valley Oral History Project<.

Monitoring Data Archive<
This section of the Sonoma Valley Knowledge Base is being built to provide access to monitoring data for the Sonoma Valley region.

Sonoma Creek Watershed Health Scorecard: Water Supply<
Provides information needed for watershed management in a highly accessible format. A science team identified and evaluated a set of eight indicators that reflect the status of the watershed's health with respect to water supply.

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