Searching the Knowledge Base

You can search this site in various ways, depending on your needs.

Search or Browse< - search all digital library records for words or phrases, similar to web search engines. (To search for a phrase, use quotation marks, for example: "historical ecology")

Click on Sonoma Valley Map< - search graphically using a map of the Sonoma Creek Watershed. You can click on towns, subwatershed groups, or the labels for creeks, to search by the corresponding keyword. (You will see "Page not found" if no files or documents have been associated with a given keyword; just use BACK or start the search again.)

Hovering your mouse over the map pops up the name of the area that will be searched. Clicking the "Entire Sonoma Creek Watershed" box searches for content related to the entire watershed, not just one specific creek or area.

List by Watershed Plan topic< - choose from a list explaining the major topics from the Watershed Plan process; clicking on a term will search for related resources.

Searching the Knowledge Base data, by Station

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