Sonoma Creek near El Verano

Comment or Abstract: 
A View on Sonoma Creek, Adjoining El Verano
Time of year: 
Late spring


Sonoma Creek 95433
Camera Location: 
west bank of Sonoma Creek
Camera Direction: 
Carlton Watkins
Collection and License: 
The Bancroft Library
Photographic Views of El Verano and Vicinity, Sonoma Valley, California taken by Carleton E. Watkins, Bancroft Library
Commentary by SEC: 
This photo was taken in 1888 by well-known western photographer Carlton Watkins. It shows Sonoma Creek in the late spring (note buckeyes blooming). Sugarloaf Ridge is faintly visible in the distance. 1888 was the second drought year in a row, with only 20.67 inches falling in the water year, and less than 2" falling in April and May. Note the gentle banks leading down to Sonoma Creek; the bed and banks in this reach have seen substantial erosion since this photo was taken more than 120 years ago.

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