Glen Ellen in Flood

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Comment or Abstract: 
Sonoma Creek by London Lodge, Glen Ellen, New Year's Flood 2005/2006
Time of year: 
January 1


London Lodge, Glen Ellen 95442
Camera Location: 
Arnold Drive, east side of downtown Glen Ellen bridge
Camera Direction: 
Elaine Neally
Collection and License: 
Sonoma Valley Historical Ecology Archive
Flood_Dec_2005 collection
Commentary by SEC: 
This photograph was taken by Elaine Nealley, who wrote: "By the time it got light enough to take photos the water had already receded. At it's highest the water covered the lower deck of the restaurant and the back deck of the bar!" This storm created the highest flow on record for Sonoma Creek, reaching an estimated 20,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) downstream from this photo at the U.S. Geological Survey stream gauge at the Agua Caliente Road bridge (that's more than 160,000 gallons per second, or 600 million gallons an hour at the storm's peak).

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