The Dredger Nevada

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Tidal marsh below Schellville
Camera Location: 
Tidal marsh south of Schellville, precise location unknown
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Sonoma Valley Historical Society
Sonoma Valley Historical Society, Groskopf Collection
Commentary by SEC: 
The large-scale operation that began converting the tidal marshes to farmland around 1880 was described by life-long Sonoma resident Milt Castagnasso in 2001: "Jones owned the Sonoma Land Company and had two dredgers as I recall. They're the ones that reclaimed that whole Sonoma Land Company that stretched all the way from Skaggs [Island] clear back to Arnold Drive. Those dredgers worked all the time; they reclaimed that whole area. That was a vast piece of ground." In 1890, the Sonoma Index-Tribune described how the "remarkable dredger Nevada" ran on four steam engines and was capable of doing "the work of 1,000 men." Adapted from "Creek Wisdom: an ecological history of Sonoma Valley as told by local elders." (Kulupi Press 2005) Senator Jones, who owned the Sonoma Land Company, had made his fortune in the silver mines of Virginia City, Nevada. He also developed Santa Monica, in southern California.

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