Sonoma Creek, Glen Ellen

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Comment or Abstract: 
Scene on Sonoma Creek, Glen Ellen, California
Time of year: 


best estimate from background hills 95442
Camera Location: 
On Sonoma Creek, vicinity of Jack London Village
Camera Direction: 
Frank B. Rodolph
Collection and License: 
The Bancroft Library
Frank B. Rodolph Photograph Collection Album 4 : BANC PIC 1905.17149-PIC
Commentary by SEC: 
This photo was taken in May 1887 and shows Sonoma Creek in the late spring. It was a drought year, with only 20.75 inches falling in the water year, and only 3.5" falling in March and April, with a trace in May. Several people are fishing, probably for trout. Bank erosion visible and Sonoma Mountain in the distance.

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