Don Eraldi with 8.5 pound steelhead

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Don Eraldi with 8.5 pound steelhead caught on Nathanson Creek
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Nathanson Creek steelhead, taken at Don Eraldi's house in Sonoma 95476
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City of Sonoma
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Sonoma Valley Historical Ecology Archive
Don Eraldi
Commentary by SEC: 
Don Eraldi's comments about catching this fish: "It was about an eight pound fish or so. I was one surprised guy, ‘cause I was up quite a ways, almost to the falls at Nathanson Creek. All of the sudden I heard dogs barking at Charlie's ranch; he was the last guy on the left before you got to the falls. He didn’t like people coming around. He lived way up on the hill here, and we were way down on the creek, so I kept fishing. All of the sudden I hooked up a fish and I guess I might have yelled to my partner, and that’s when the dogs heard me and they started barking. They came, and then he came, and I caught that big fish and he wanted to take it away from me. I said, 'No, no. I will bring you some wine.' I brought him a half a gallon of wine the next day and he settled for that. He wanted to take the fish away from me! I never caught a fish that big. I always caught little trout, you know, not big."

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