Hill Vineyard, Glen Ellen

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Comment or Abstract: 
Vineyard of Hon. Wm. McPherson Hill, #108
Time of year: 
Late spring


Sonoma Developmental Center 95431
Camera Location: 
On or near hilltop near Sonoma Valley Regional Park, about 480' elevation
Camera Direction: 
Carlton Watkins
Collection and License: 
The Bancroft Library
Photographic Views of El Verano and Vicinity, Sonoma Valley, California taken by Carleton E. Watkins, [188-?] , BANC PIC 1974.019--ALB, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
Commentary by SEC: 
This photograph shows the Hill property, which soon afterward was acquired by the State of California and is now the Sonoma Developmental Center. Railway tracks and buildings in the foreground, banks of Sonoma Creek visible behind. The central area of the modern SDC occupies the vineyard shown in the photo. The road above the vineyard was the main route in 1888; Arnold Drive did not exist at that time. Schellville Hills visible in the distance.Compare this photo with the postcard of the State Hospital (link) which shows much of the same area from a different perspective, twenty years later

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