Plowing with Horses at Glen Oaks Ranch

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John Quien plowing with Maude and Kate
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Glen Oaks Ranch 95442
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Glen Oaks Ranch, near current (2009) Highway 12
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Sonoma Valley Historical Ecology Archive
Glen Oaks Ranch Archive, Sonoma Land Trust
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FROM FILE AT GLEN OAKS RANCH: "Those were the days when rural life was dependent on horses, not only for farm work, but also, for transportation. Shortly after the Quiens bought the ranch in February, 1896, a team of young black work horses were purchased from the large James G. Fair ranch at Lakeville, about ten miles south of Petaluma, on the east side of Petaluma Creek. Sired by "OLD GLORY," the $50,000 world champion Clydesdale stallion, purchased by Fair in Scotland, these horses were very high-spirited. Their names were "Maude" and "Dude." Dude was too fractious for farm work, and was soon returned to the stock ranch and exchanged for "Chub." Memory does not recall what happened to Chub--probably traded for "Kate," the gray mare in the photograph, who was a steadier, quieter animal than the Fair Ranch horses. On one occasion, Maude and Kate staged a runaway from the house to the barn. In crossing the bridge, Kate fell to the rocky creekbed on her back, but was not permanently injured. Another accident, with somewhat similar results, occured when the writer, with the assistance of J.X. Gordon, the small hermit caretaker of the J.T. Meddock property, was using Maude to snake out the lumber from the dismantled "Basil Warfield" cabin, which had been located about a half-mile up the canyon. Maude slipped off the narrow foot trail and fell to the creekbed, about ten feet below the trail. Somehow we got her on her feet, back on the trail, and continued our hauling job. Maude never became accustomed to automobiles, and came to an untimely end, about 1910, by breaking her neck, on the road to the Glen, when frightened by an automobile.------------------------------------------------------ P.M.Q. April 26, 1951

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