Barriers to Fish Passage. Appendix J to Limiting Factors Analysis

Chris Katopothis; Elisabeth Micheli; Michelle Orme; Cynthia Rossi; Ryan Branciforte
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Sonoma Ecology Center
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Sonoma CA
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In: Sonoma Ecology Center, 2006, "Sonoma Creek Watershed Limiting Factors Analysis",

Barriers to fish movement can cause significant adverse impacts on fish populations within a basin by restricting the ability of anadromous fish to leave and return to the system. Barriers also restrict the ability of rearing juveniles and resident adults to shift location in order to follow food and other resources in the system. Based on habitat survey results identifying several known barriers on a handful of tributaries, we hypothesized that fish passage barriers may cut off a significant portion of potential spawning and rearing habitat. Focused studies consisted of evaluating every known stream road-crossing using Department of Fish and Game protocols to determine whether or not culverts and other structures posed either a full or partial barrier to fish movement. We generated a list of 144 intersections of roads and streams by inspecting maps in hard copy and GIS. These potential barriers were evaluated in the field using methods described in this appendix.

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Fish habitat; Habitat Loss; Dams; Flow diversions; Culverts; Road crossings; LFA2006
Lisa Micheli
Sonoma Ecology Center
P.O. Box 1486, Eldridge, CA 95431
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