Sonoma Creek Watershed Health Scorecard 2010

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Watershed Scorecard
Caitlin Cornwall, Deanne DiPietro, Chris Farrar, Frances Knapczyk, Rainer Hoenicke, Rebecca Lawton, Lisa Micheli, Kat Ridolfi, Peter Vorster, Alex Young, Robert Zlomke
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Sonoma Ecology Center
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The Watershed Health Scorecard’s purpose is to provide, in a highly accessible format, information that is needed for adaptive, responsive, and transparent watershed management. To meet this objective, the Scorecard is designed to identify and evaluate a carefully selected set of indicators that accurately reflect basic watershed functions. Tracking these indicators over time should help to evaluate the effectiveness of contemporary approaches to watershed management, and answer the question “are we managing our natural resources in a sustainable manner?”

This 2010 report for Sonoma Creek Watershed describe the water availability topic of an overall Watershed Health Scorecard. The scorecard is based primarily on data for water year 2007, the most recent year for which data were available. The Scorecard, and its associated Technical Report, is the product of a collaboration between two watershed-based organizations, the Sonoma Ecology Center (SECSonoma Ecology Center is a not-for-profit organization located in the Sonoma Valley. and the Napa County Resource Conservation District (Napa RCD) and numerous technical partners to answer the following question:

“How is our watershed doing in terms of supplying quantities of water needed to support human and ecosystem uses?”

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10/01/2006 - 04/01/2007
Sonoma Ecology Center
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