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Sonoma Valley Watershed Station Research Plan, 2000 2000
Sonoma Valley Initiatives; Fulfilling the Mission of the Sonoma Ecology Center October, 2008
Station-A Multi-parameter Continuous Stream Monitoring Raw Data
Station A Raw Data
Forecasting exurban development to evaluate the influence of land-use policies on wildland and farmland conservation 2005 Adina M. Merenlender; Colin Brooks; David Shabazian; Shengyi Gao; Robert Johnston
Sonoma Creek Watershed Map January 2012 Alex Young
Monthly rainfall at Sonoma Developmental Center, Eldridge, California, 1953-2008 2008 Alex Young (compiler)
NOAA NMFS Coho and Multi-Species Recovery Plan Support December 2011 Alex Young, Zhahai Stewart, Deanne DiPietro
French Broom (Genista monspessulana) Modeling in the Marin Municipal Water District October 26, 2009 Allan Hollander, Rachel Hutchinson, Deanne DiPietro
A Day on Sonoma Creek 1997 Angela Nardo-Morgan; Laurel Collins; David Leland; et al.
From Arrowhead Mountain to Yulupa: The Stories Behind Sonoma Valley Place Names 1998 Arthur Dawson
Historical Creek Channels, Sonoma Valley 2008 Arthur Dawson
Historical Wetlands of Sonoma Valley, California 2006 Arthur Dawson
Sonoma Valley Fish Passage Barriers, 1946-1977 2005 Arthur Dawson
Salmonid Spawning Streams, Sonoma Creek Watershed, circa 1930-1977 2005 Arthur Dawson
Summer Water Temperatures, 1946-1977 2005 Arthur Dawson
Sonoma Valley Heritage Oaks 2007 Arthur Dawson
Historical Springs of Sonoma Valley 2007 Arthur Dawson
Historical Vegetation, Sonoma Valley 2006 Arthur Dawson