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Station-A Multi-parameter Continuous Stream Monitoring Raw Data
Station A Raw Data
Reference Curve Data: Grab Turbidity (NTU) vs suspended Sediment Concentration (mg/l) Lawton, et al.
A transferable protocol to identify and prioritize sites for watershed restoration under Clean Water Act Programs 12/31/2010 Becca Lawton, Deanne DiPietro, Alex Young
Sonoma, California, Historical 15-minute Quadrangle Map 1919 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Arthur Dawson (compiler)
Jordan Basileu Fishin' and Huntin' Excerpts 1948-1990 1990 Union of Concerned Anglers
Sonoma Creek Habitat Inventory 1996 Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District
Sonoma Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan 1997 Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District
A Day on Sonoma Creek 1997 Angela Nardo-Morgan; Laurel Collins; David Leland; et al.
Integrated Pest Management Field Handbook for Napa County First Edition 1997 The Napa Sustainable Winegrowing Group
From Arrowhead Mountain to Yulupa: The Stories Behind Sonoma Valley Place Names 1998 Arthur Dawson
California Gap Analysis Vegetation Layer (Statewide) 1998 California Gap Analysis Team
Robert A. Leidy Fish Survey 1992-1998, Bay Area Stream Fishes Version 1.2 1999 Robert A. Leidy
Sonoma Creek Watershed Assessment, 1998 Water Temperature Monitoring 2000 Oona McKnight; Mitchell Katzel
Summary of existing information in the watershed of Sonoma Valley in relation to the Sonoma Creek Watershed Restoration Study an 2000 McKee, L.; Grossinger, R.; Brewster, E.; Dale, R.; Cornwall, C.; Hunter, R.; Lawton, R.
Sonoma Valley Watershed Station Research Plan, 2000 2000
Groundwater Recharge Areas, Sonoma Creek Watershed, Sonoma County, California 2001 Sonoma Ecology Center
Spawning Gravel Suitability Assessment, Sonoma Creek Watershed 2001 Mitchell R. Katzel; Oona McKnight
Use of Riparian Corridors by Wildlife in the Oak Woodland Vineyard Landscape 2001 Jodi Ann Hilty