Titlesort icon Publication Date Authors
Dry Reach Data 2008 - 2010 Raw 2010 Bryan Sesser, Deanne DiPietro, Arthur Dawson
Dry Reach Protocols 2010 Arthur Dawson, Deanne DiPietro, Rebecca Lawton
Dry Reach Survey 2010 Map 2010 Arthur Dawson
Ecology, Assemblage Structure, Distribution, and Status of Fishes in Streams Tributary to the San Francisco Estuary, California 2007 Robert A. Leidy
Estimating Sediment Production for the Sonoma Creek TMDL 2007 Lawton, Rebecca; Collins, L.; Dawson, A
Fencing Guidelines and Specifications for Conservation Easements 2003 Caitlin Cornwall; Mary K. Davis
FINAL BMI REPORT 2007 April 2007 Becca Lawton, Jessie Olson
First Annual Sonoma Valley and Petaluma Wetlands Christmas Bird Count -- Bird Checklist 2005 Tom Rusert; Darren Peterie
First Annual Sonoma Valley and Petaluma Wetlands Christmas Bird Count -- Data and Map 2005 Sonoma Ecology Center; Tom Rusert; Darren Peterie
Fish Habitat Inventory, Sonoma Creek Watershed, California. Final Report 2007 Sonoma Ecology Center
Fish Passage Barrier Assessment in Sonoma Creek Watershed. Final Report 2005 Chris Katopothis; Lisa Micheli; Michelle Orme; Cynthia Rossi; Ryan Branciforte
Flood Insurance Study, Sonoma County, California, and Incorporated Areas 2008 Federal Emergency Management Agency
Forecasting exurban development to evaluate the influence of land-use policies on wildland and farmland conservation 2005 Adina M. Merenlender; Colin Brooks; David Shabazian; Shengyi Gao; Robert Johnston
French Broom (Genista monspessulana) Modeling in the Marin Municipal Water District October 26, 2009 Allan Hollander, Rachel Hutchinson, Deanne DiPietro
From Arrowhead Mountain to Yulupa: The Stories Behind Sonoma Valley Place Names 1998 Arthur Dawson
Geohydrological characterization, water-chemistry, and ground-water flow simulation model of the Sonoma Valley area, Sonoma Coun 2006 Christopher D. Farrar; Loren F. Metzger; Tracy Nishikawa; Kathryn M. Koczot; Eric G. Reichard; Victoria E. Langenheim
Geologic Map Of The Glen Ellen 7.5' Quadrangle, Sonoma County, California: A Digital Database. Version 1.0 2003 David L. Wagner; Carolyn E. Randolph-Loar; Robert C. Witter; Michael E. Huffman
Geologic Map Of The Kenwood 7.5' Quadrangle, Sonoma And Napa Counties, California: A Digital Database 2007 Marc P. Delattre; David L. Wagner; Chris T. Higgins; Robert C. Witter; Janet M. Sowers
Geologic Map Of The Petaluma River 7.5' Quadrangle, Marin and Sonoma Counties, California: A Digital Database. Version 1.0 2002 David L. Wagner; Salem R. Rice; Stephen Bezore; Carolyn E. Randolph-Loar; James Allen; Robert C. Witter
Geologic Map Of The Rutherford 7.5' Quadrangle, Sonoma and Napa Counties, California: A Digital Database. Version 1.0 2005 Kevin B. Clahan; David L. Wagner; Stephen P. Bezore; Janet M. Sowers; Robert C. Witter