The Sonoma Valley Knowledge Base

The Sonoma Valley Knowledge Base is a library of local and regional information needed for science-based watershed management. Planners, scientists, and the public can find information here on many topics — groundwater, stream flow, historic changes to the stream and watershed system, fish habitat quality, and many more aspects of keeping a watershed healthy.

The Knowledge Base specifically supports the creation and review of a new Watershed Plan for Sonoma Creek, updating the 1997 Sonoma Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan by sharing information resources and the documentation that makes them usable. Monitoring and mapping data, reports, images, and other resources can be discovered and downloaded in this online digital library.

Watershed Plan

Digital library records referenced in the Sonoma Valley Water Plan

Monitoring Data

Access monitoring data for Sonoma Valley and review monitoring rationale and protocols for measuring markers of watershed health. 

Historical Images

View historical images from the Sonoma Valley watershed that showcase the changing lad use and bio-diversity.

Team Arundo

Team Arundo del Norte is a forum of local, state, and federal organizations dedicated to the control of Arundo donax (giant reed), where it threatens rivers, creeks, and wetlands in Central and Northern California.

The Sonoma Valley Knowledge Base is a project of the Sonoma Ecology Center.

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